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by Jaipur Furniture

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Collection Description

The Maharaja Collection is made with the purpose of eradicating poverty with fine art and craftsmanship. Each piece in this collection is hand made, featuring very high quality brass and metal with beautiful hand carvings. The design patterns are centuries old, and new generations of the artisan families continue to bring them to life in these pieces. Each item in the Maharaja collection provides employment to a family of 4-5 people for several days. Furnish your home with the pieces from this beautifully crafted collection for a truly unique touch, as well as an authentic story to tell your family, friends, and guests through the years.


Swinging Round Pulls

Detailed Bail Handles


"Old Door" Look with Ornate Carved Trim & Colored Distressed Finishes
Detailed Metal Trim & Drawer Front Design
Detailed Metal Trim & Drawer Front Design