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Reclining Sofa

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Catnapper Voyager POWER "Lay Flat" Reclining Sofa
Custom Tags 64381 1228-49-1328-49
Voyager (by Catnapper)
64381 1228-49-1328-49
Southern Motion Re-Fueler  Console Sofa
Custom Tags 813-28
Re-Fueler (by Southern Motion)
Coaster Lee Motion Sofa
Custom Tags 601061
Lee (by Coaster)
Southern Motion Avalon Console Sofa with Power
Custom Tags 838-28 PWR
Avalon (by Southern Motion)
838-28 PWR
Franklin 542 Sofa DDT/Drawer/Lights
Custom Tags 54239 8405-15
542 (by Franklin)
54239 8405-15
Violino 3478RC-FK Reclining Sofa
Custom Tags 3478RC-FK-3P3C
3478RC-FK (by Violino)
HTL 8691 Power Reclining Sofa
Custom Tags 8691-3S2VA
8691 (by HTL)
HTL 1321 Reclining Sofa
Custom Tags 3S2XA
1321 (by HTL)
Catnapper Nolan  Power Extra Wide Reclining Sofa
Custom Tags 64041 1223-29/3023-29
Nolan (by Catnapper)
64041 1223-29/3023-29
Klaussner Castaway Casual Power Reclining Sofa
Custom Tags 27103 PWRS
Castaway (by Klaussner)
27103 PWRS
Klaussner Castaway Casual Power Reclining Sofa
Custom Tags LV27103 PWRS
Castaway (by Klaussner)
LV27103 PWRS
Best Home Furnishings Bodie Reclining Sofa
Custom Tags S760CA4
Bodie (by Best Home Furnishings)
Coaster Clifford Dual Reclining Sofa
Custom Tags 600281
Clifford (by Coaster)
HTL 9591 Reclining Sofa
Custom Tags 9591-GO-173E+3S2XA
9591 (by HTL)
Best Home Furnishings Costilla Space Saver Reclining Sofa
Custom Tags S230A4
Costilla (by Best Home Furnishings)
Coaster Gordon Motion Sofa
Custom Tags 601461
Gordon (by Coaster)
Franklin Brayden Reclining Sofa with Table, Lights & Storage
Custom Tags 44039 8225-12
Brayden (by Franklin)
44039 8225-12
Southern Motion Avalon Reclining Sofa with Drop Down Table
Custom Tags 838-33
Avalon (by Southern Motion)
Klaussner Belleview Power Reclining Sofa
Custom Tags 21303P PWRS
Belleview (by Klaussner)
21303P PWRS
Klaussner Belleview Power Reclining Sofa
Custom Tags 21303 PWRS
Belleview (by Klaussner)
21303 PWRS
HTL 1867 Reclining Sofa
Custom Tags 3.5S2X
1867 (by HTL)
HTL 2678CS Reclining Leather Sofa
Custom Tags 3S2XA
2678CS (by HTL)
HTL T108 Reclining Sofa
Custom Tags 3S2XA
T108 (by HTL)
Coaster Sir Rawlinson Motion Sofa
Custom Tags 650151
Sir Rawlinson (by Coaster)
Violino 30160RC Reclining Sofa
Custom Tags 30160RC-3P
30160RC (by Violino)
Signature Design by Ashley Hogan - Mocha Reclining Sofa
Custom Tags 5780281
Hogan - Mocha (by Signature Design by Ashley)
HTL 2866 3 Seater Sofa with Motion
Custom Tags 2866-3S2XA
2866 (by HTL)
Violino 3538EM-FK Reclining Sofa
Custom Tags 3538EM-FK-3P
3538EM-FK (by Violino)
Palliser Cortez 45624 Sofa Recliner w/ Power
Custom Tags 45624-5P
Cortez 45624 (by Palliser)
HTL 8280 Reclining Sofa
Custom Tags 352X
8280 (by HTL)
Signature Design by Ashley Acieona - Slate Reclining Sofa with Drop Down Table
Custom Tags 5830089
Acieona - Slate (by Signature Design by Ashley)
Southern Motion Avalon Reclining Sofa
Custom Tags 838-31
Avalon (by Southern Motion)